2015 US 25 Yard Sale coming soon

photo courtesy of google images
photo courtesy of google images

Special to the Mountain Advocate

The 2015 U 25 Yard Sale event, will be held June 4, 5, 6, and will stretch from Woodfin, N. C. and Clinton, Tenn., to Covington, along US 25, US 25E and US 25W with a few short spur routes included. Almost every city, village and town along the 565-mile route participates. It’s an opportunity for non-profits, church and school groups to set up shop and make some money.

If you’d like to participate, consult local officials as to permit requirements, set up legally and safely along or close to US 25, price it to sell and go for it! You will have more luck if you set up on at a site along the main road or use extra visible signage, because getting these shoppers off US 25 and down a side road will be tough. They’re on a mission!

No use of the road right-of-way is permitted and those who set up to sell must control parking and are responsible for clean-up when you are finished. There is no charge. For more information in Knox County, call 545-9674 or for general info about the sale call 859-779-3005.

What sells? Just about anything old or vintage in good condition. Oddities, antiques, old farm and kitchen items, old records, tools, guns, hunting and fishing equipment all sell well. If you have lots of clothing, it should not be the focal point of the sale.

It’s a great event for the seller—because there are lots of shoppers. For general information on the route or to be included in the “Hot Spots” list, call 859-779-3005.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/U.S.25YARDSALE or find a map of the Kentucky route at http://www.scribblemaps.com/maps/view/eKpq9_sh4s.