2018 election to reshape Fiscal Court

The deadline has passed and the 2018 primary election is looking to be an energized race. With several positions vacated, the field is open for many offices from Judge-Executive to Magistrate in several districts.

Judge-Executive J.M. Hall opted to not seek a fourth term, while incumbent magistrates Jason Lake (Republican, District 4), Guilio Cima (Democrat, District 5), and Carson Gilbert (Republican, District 1), also decided to step down and not file for re-election. The only incumbent magistrates in the race are Stacey Roark (Republican, District 2) and Jerry “Rabbit” Cox (Republican, District 3).

Three offices county-wide are going unopposed this term. Knox County Attorney Gilbert E. Holland, Circuit Court Clerk Greg Helton and County Surveyor Richard M. Frederick each will sail through the primary and general election without an opponent.

Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith (Republican) will face former deputy, Derek Eubanks (Republican) in the spring primary, while the Democrat challenger, Dennis K. Rogers is unopposed until the fall general election. Likewise, County Clerk Mike Corey (Republican) also faces opposition in the spring primary from fellow Republican Jared Franklin. There was no Democrats to file for County Clerk, so the winner of the May primary will go on to win the office in November.

The races for magistrate, constable and other offices can be found in the chart below.

County Clerk:

Mike Corey (R)

Jared Franklin (R)


Mike Smith (R)

Derek R. Eubanks (R)

Dennis K. Rogers (D)

County Attorney:

Gilbert E. Holland (R)

Judge Executive:

Charles Sprinkles (R)

Mike Mitchell (R)

Mike Eversole (R)

Jeffery Todd Phipps (R)

Bob Frederick (D)

Michael L. Warren (D)

Property Valuation Administrator:

Bob Blevins (R)

Bill Oxendine (D)


Keith “Buster” Liford (R)

Mary S. Hammons (R)

Jerry Baker (R)

Bob Corey (R)


Mike Blevins (R)

Sonny Hayes (R)

Circuit Court Clerk:

Greg Helton (R)

County Surveyor:

Richard M. Frederick (R)

Magistrate District 1:

Roger Mills (R)

Billy Parks (R)

Sam Hamlin (R)

Gentry Gibson (R)

Jerry Smith (R)

Chris Wagers (R)

Richard “Birddog” Jones (R)

Allen Medlin (R)

Kenny Hurst (D)

Magistrate District 2:

Billy Howard (R)

Steve Smith (R)

Curt Lawson (R)

Josh Tropser (R)

Stacey Roark (R)

Brian Kilgore (R)

Larry Mills (R)

John Patterson (R)

Nick Lawson (D)

Magistrate District 3:

Danny Jordan (R)

Denny Leddington (R)

Jimmy Walters (R)

Jerry “Rabbit” Cox (R)

George Hamilton (D)

Tony Golden (D)

William “Tigger” Logan (D)

Magistrate District 4:

Jason Smith (R)

Mike Warfield (R)

David Gray (R)

Larry Bargo (R)

John Ferguson (D)

Doyle Gibson (D)

Magistrate District 5:

Darryl Baker (R)

Herb Wells (R)

Jesse Jones (R)

David Valentine (R)

Constable District 1:

Elbert Centers (R)

Larry Eagle (D)

Constable District 2:

Reed Murphy (R)

Willie B. Mills (R)

Glennis Mills (R)

Constable District 3:

Larry Young (R)

Mike Bingham (D)

Constable District 4:

James Miller (R)

Willie Smith (R)

Cecil Davenport (D)

Constable District 5:

Shawn Rogers (R)

Brandon Bolton (R)

Corbin City Commission:

David Grigsby Hart

Brandon Shepherd

Ed Tye

Andrew Pennington

Freddie Bruce Hodge

Trent Knuckles

Brandon Shepherd

Corbin City Mayor:

Shannon T. Hall

Suzie Barton Razmus

U.S. Representative 5th District:

Harold “Hal” Rogers (R)

Gerardo Serrano (R)

Scott Sykes (D)

Kenneth S. Stepp (D)

86th District State Representative:

Jim Stewart (R)*

Don Rose (R)

Debra Ferguson Payne (D)