Cheerleader Spotlight

Tessa Terrell
Tessa Terrell

Tessa Terrell




Advocate: What is your favorite memory of cheering?

Tessa: My favorite memory of cheering is spending time with all of the girls and placing fourth at State.

Advocate: What is involved in being a cheerleader?

Tessa: Cheerleading requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Advocate: What will you miss about going to cheer camp each summer?

Tessa: I will miss bonding with everyone.

Advocate: How has cheer affected your life throughout high school?

Tessa: Cheer has given me life long friends.

Advocate: What is your worst memory about being a cheerleader?

Tessa: My worst memory is when the season ends.

Advocate: Tell me about your coach, Lisa Napier.

Tessa: I have an amazing coach.

Advocate: What is your favorite school subject?

Tessa: My favorite subject is English.