Stats as of Feb. 5, 2015


Sarah Louis Morgan, 46, Stinnet to Paul Wendall Brock, 51, Fourmile.

Deed Transfers:

Burnett Contractin LLC to Casey and Heather Smith, Knox property.

Swade and Luke Smith and Dillion Shorty Smith to Robert and Dollie D. Taylor, Knox property.

Matthew II and Donna S. Bargo to James P. and Danielle Barrett, Knox property.

William Jr. and Mary Herren to Ruth Rapier, Knox property.

Coscia Properties LLC. to Ernie Coscia, (3 entries),Knox property.

Margaret R. May to Henry Jr and Wilma Broughton, Knox property.

Kingdon First Properties LLC. to C &  C Assets LLC, Knox property.

Geneva L. Walgorski (Ramey) and Jeremy Walgorski to Lula Mills, Knox property.

Gatliff coal Company to Frederick M. Lincke, Knox property.

Fred and Joanna Montgomery to Donald Edward and Theresa Darlene Langham, Knox property.

Jerry P. and Cynthia Renee Strong to Samuel G. Davies (trustee), Knox property.

Samuel G. Davies (trustee) to Jerry P. and Cynthia Renee Strong to, Knox property.

Blaine and Geraldine Mills to Paul Tyler Lee Partin; James Todd Partin and Paula Partin, Knox property.

William Edward Poole to Philip S. and Kimberly D. Hite, Knox property.

Patricia Grandstaff to Robert L. and Catherine L. Davis, Knox property.

Civil Suits:

Bruce Logan, Teresa Logan and Patricia Smith vs Artemus Volunteer Fire Department,  damages.

Jamos Fund vs Neva Pennington, tax lien.

Sonya Reena Askins vs Raymond Earl Askins, divorce.

James T. Jackson vs Krista N. Jackson, divorce.

Sharon Rackley vs Michael Albert Douglas, divorce.

Connie Sizemore vs Justin Alexander Hammonds and Misty Brooke Roskoff, grandparent visit.

Linda Smith vs Eric Dewayne Smith, divorce.

Lola Gaddis vs Effie Marie Cox, child custody.

Vernie Alisha Halloran vs Brett Morgan Halloran, child custody.

The First State Bank vs Craig and Tracy Lawson, non-payment.

James Robert Mason vs Melissa Mason, settlement agreement.

Jamos Fund 1 LP vs Unknown heirs of Neva Pennington and Estill Smith,  tax lien.

Sonya Reena Askins vs Raymond Earl Askins, divorce.

Jefferey S. Shell vs Angie Barnes, damages.

Quicken Loans vs Ellis W. Pelham and Susan K. Smith, non-payment.