6/4/15 Stats


Mickey Lenore Brown 45, Flat Lick to Donnie Brown, 48, Flat Lick.

Ashley Marie Dixon, 19, Corbin to Cody Adam Hughes, 20 Gray.

Cynthia Renee Eggert, 23, Vancouver, Wa. to Samuel Trent Lawson, 23, Corbin.

Deed Transfers:

Woodrow Jr. and Carrie Faye Baker to Luther and Glenda Shelton, Knox property.

Ima Jean Grubb and Barbara Sue Mills and Beulah Ann and Ron Whitaker and Mary Elizabeth and Terry Woolum and Robert Clinton and Debbie Mills and Michael Ray Mills and Sherry Lynn Tarter and Charlene C. Mills to Connie and John D. Mills, Knox property.

Charles R. Sisson Jr. and Ellen Jones Morell (husband and wife) to Zackery and Chelsea Peace and Brandon Monhollen, Knox property.

Robert and Ethel Boulis to Richard Ellis, Knox property.

Optimum Land and Livestock Development, LLC to Edward O and Julie L. Parker, Knox property.

Bobbie J. Burgess to M. Kathryn Blevins, Knox property.

Charles R. and Kathy J. Wynn to Charles Richard Wynn II, Knox property.

James C. and Brenda C. Droke to James and Brenda Droke Living Trust, Knox property.

Charles and Abigail Sprinkles and Carnell and Joann Sprinkles to Ron and Ramona Doering, Knox property.

Rodney A. and Janie P. Wood to Andrew and Teresa Brock, Knox property.

James Anthony Cline to Marth Cobb and Charles Terry (married), Knox property.

Carl Terry and Barbara Akins to Peggy Ann Lee, Knox property.

Heather Lynn McCowan to Tammy Lisa Logan, Knox property.

Stephen and Debra Collingsworth to Ronnie Patrick and Donnie Patrick and Donnie Bruce Patrick, property.

Hazel Roche and as (Co-Executrix of the Estate of Georgia W. Gambrell  and her husband Robert J. Roche, (Jack Roche) to William A. and Billie Reeder, Knox property.

Civil Suits:

Vickie Tina Elaine Roader vs Alan Wayne Roader, divorce.

Eva Mobley vs Cody Mobley, child custody.

Vickie Miracle vs Wayne Miracle, divorce.

Cloyd Creighton vs Sondra Creighton, divorce