9/11 remembered

While the majority in attendance were not alive the day the Twin Towers fell, hundreds of students gathered for Forcht Bank’s annual Patriot Day event on September 11 to learn the significance of the day America stood still.

“The primary reason behind this program is so our children and everybody understands what happened on the events of 9-11-2001, the importance of that day and to honor those who lost their lives and who risked their lives to take care and to save others,” said Corey Chesnut, Forcht Bank Market President.

Students heard guest speakers such as Central Elementary Principal Eric Hubbard and Judge Michael Caperton talk about the impact 9/11 made on those across America and how the country rallied and rebuilt following the events. Flags flew across the air as small hands waved along to ‘America the Beautiful’ and ‘Land of the Free.’

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