Academic Teams Celebrate Successful Season

By Tasha Stewart
The Knox County Academic League held an awards ceremony December 8 at the Knox County Middle School to recognize the hard work of the elementary level academic team students, coaches and parents this school year.
“I would like to thank them (the coaches) for all the hard work they do for these students every day…thank you so much coaches,” said Jennifer Carey, league coordinator and moderator. “Our students should also give a round of applause to our parents…for their support in getting these kids to and from practices and to and from our games. I do appreciate it so much.”
The winners are as follows:
League Placement
1st place – Dewitt Elementary
2nd place – Central Elementary
3rd place – Barbourville Elementary
Junior Varsity:
1st place – Jesse D. Lay Elementary
2nd place – Barbourville Elementary
3rd place – Dewitt Elementary (tie)
3rd place – Lynn Camp Elementary (tie)
1st place – Barbourville Elementary
2nd place – Dewitt Elementary (tie)
2nd place – Flat Lick Elementary (tie)
3rd place – Central Elementary
Individual Team MVPs
(Rookies, Junior Varsity, Varsity)
Barbourville – Donavon Smith, Reece Corey, Samuel Moore
Central – Parker Teague, Hanna Patterson, Camron Willams
Dewitt – Kashawn Robinson, Ethan Brown, Ethan Saylor
Flat Lick – Kai Senters, Kade Elam, Aaron Powers
Girdler – Dylan Alsip, Ashton Moser, Bradley Mills
GR Hampton – Nick Perkins, Alijah Lomio, Ryan Smith
Lay – Grayson Burton, RJ Osborne, Riley Broughton
Lynn Camp – Rebekah Daniels, Austin Partin, Tyler Ramey
Overall League MVPs
1st place – Kashawn Robinson (Dewitt)
2nd place – Kai Senters (Flat Lick)
3rd place – Parker Teague (Central)
4th place – Rebekah Daniels (Lynn Camp)
Junior Varsity:
1st place – RJ Osborne (Lay)
2nd place – Austin Partin (Lynn Camp)
3rd place – Hanna Patterson (Central)
3rd place – Ethan Brown (Dewitt)
1st place – Samuel Moore (Barbourville)
2nd place – Ethan Saylor (Dewitt)
3rd place – Aaron Powers (Flat Lick)
3rd place – Riley Broughton (Lay)



All of the hard work isn’t over yet, though. Students and coaches will return from Christmas break in 2018 and begin preparing for district and regional competition. District competitions will be held across Kentucky on February 6 and 10, 2018. Those who place at district will then move on to regional competitions scheduled for February 26 and March 3, 2018, with each student hoping to bring home the first-place ribbon in their category.
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