Alleged murderer requests to self represent in court

A homeless woman’s competency remains in question as her court case progresses.

Hailey Bond, 25, appeared agitated as she stood before Knox County Circuit Judge Gregory A. Lay. Her attorney, Kara Ottis, explained to the court that initial results from Bond’s evaluation by the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center (KCPC) determined that she was competent to stand trial.

“It does indicate that she is competent to stand trial,” said Ottis, “however I have not had an opportunity to sit down with Ms. Bond and if she is willing to stipulate competency at this point or not.”

A hearing was scheduled for 1 p.m. July 28 to hear testimony from a KCPC doctor. Judge Lay also recommended setting a trial date to move the case along. As the council was scheduling a date, Bond raised her hand and asked to speak to the Judge directly. Although Ottis advised against it, Bond continued.

“I don’t really want a lawyer, I want to fight this on my own,” said Bond. “Is that allowed? Because I have proof that I’m not guilty.”

Judge Lay interrupted Bond in order to address the issue at hand. Bond was scheduled for trial 9 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11. A final pretrial conference was scheduled for Thursday, Sep. 28. With that out of the way, Judge Lay returned to Bond’s request.

“She has raised an issue about verbally requesting to represent herself and I’m going to direct you to do is advise her of the law on that, Mrs. Ottis,” said Judge Lay. “There is a procedure regarding that if Ms. Bond is going to make that request. I would highly advise against that.”

But Bond interrupted Judge Lay once again.

“She is not listening to me at all,” said Bond.

“I need you to be quiet,” said Judge Lay. “I would recommend you have a serious talk with your attorney. Mrs. Ottis is a very experienced attorney in this court. She has tried numerous cases and she knows what she is doing.”

Bond was charged with the murder of her father’s long-time girlfriend in April of 2016.

On the night of the incident, Bond was asked to leave a local shelter. She took a taxi to her father’s home on Elm Street in the Artemus community. Bond attempted to break into the residence but was caught by her father, resulting in an altercation between the two.

During the struggle, Bond reportedly assaulted all three elderly residents of the home, her father, uncle and her father’s long-time girlfriend Lily Sue Sizemore, 66.

Knox County Deputy Claude Hudson arrived at the scene and found Bond sitting on the front porch. Initially, the three residents refused to press charges. But Sizemore’s condition worsened and approximately three hours after the attack, she drove herself to Barbourville ARH. Sizemore was diagnosed with a brain bleed and decided then to file assault charges. She was eventually airlifted to UK Hospital in Lexington where she was later put on life support. Sizemore passed away Friday, April 15, four days after the attack, which resulted in upgrading Bond’s charges from assault to murder.