Angels in charge- ‘Take heart dear ones. You are never alone’

Since the days of my childhood, I have felt the presence of the unseen element guarding over me. I am convinced we are never alone, that someone who cares very much walks with us as an unseen element sharing our journey, holding our hand, looking over us along life’s journey. Have you felt or been comforted by a spiritual being in some way? Do you believe in guardian angels? Believing in angels is like believing in miracles. I believe there is a power beyond our understanding among us, the unseen element. I have read and heard many things in life that is believed to be miraculous events. I believe birth alone is a miracle. To find someone to believe in you is in itself a great miracle. There are many life stories to warm the heart and lift the spirit that are miracles. Many believe miracles do happen and many believe in angles. I believe each of us has a guardian angel watching over us our entire life.
Everyone has their own perception of angels. Through life, we meet people we perceive as having angelic qualities. You might have said yourself that someone you know is like an angel. Do we have angels among us? The human beings who go that step beyond to help their fellow man. I feel lucky to have known a few people who I term angels in my life and they come in all sizes. The angels I have known cannot cure illness or mend broken hearts. However, they do many different things in time of need. Some bring flowers and many will bring food. Some will clean your house or do family laundry. Others will run errands or do family business. Many will simply listen or sit for a while or write beautiful notes or send cards. Many of my angels know what problems are as they have had their own, but they are always there in time of trouble. Angels in charge send by God to say prayers, to comfort and strengthen families in troubled times. The angels among us that help to give faith and courage when illness or hard times strip away our ability to find our own strength.
I am guessing many of you have already been touched by the kind of angels I’m writing about. You may even be one yourself, the kind of human beings with angelic qualities that help those in need through the hard times of life.
I have lived long enough to know no one goes through life without their share of bad things happening. I know some good people going through some troubled times now. I trust their angels are in charge lending helping hands, lifting spirits or encouraging those that are in need. Take heart dear ones. You are never alone.
Millie’s thought for today: King James Version, Luke 4:10, “For it is written, He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee.”

Mildred Higgins