ARH hosts employee appreciation carnival

The Daniel Boone Festival might have left town but Barbourville ARH Hospital kept the festivities going two more days, holding a carnival-themed employee appreciation event and benefit fair on October 9.

“Our employees work so hard every day to take care of our patients. Really, just to give them ten minutes of fun is worth it,” said Sonya Bergman, the system director in human resources.

At the event, employees stepped out of the hospital and into a carnival oasis. Included in the games and activities for employees were a photo booth with clown props, ring toss and a rubber duck pond.

“[Employees] win prizes at each table and then they get to enjoy carnival food like caramel apples, cotton candy and popcorn. At the end, they turn in for a large grand prize at each hospital and get a t-shirt, too,” continued Bergman. “It’s been great fun.”

Although the event was held during the day, management made sure their night shift was included in the carnival fun, too.

“We don’t always get to see night shift but we still leave things behind for them so they still get the carnival food, t-shirts and everything,” said Bergman.

Management was also available at the event to answer any questions employees had about benefits.

“Employees can go around and play some carnival games…Then, they [learn] about benefits, about our pharmacy and just about health plans in general,” said Bergman.

Barbourville was just one of numerous stops in the circuit made by management at Appalachian Regional Healthcare in Hazard, who organize the event at every ARH hospital.

“We’ve [seen] about 3,000 employees so far and we still have this week to go…You’d be surprised how many people look forward to [this event] every year,” concluded Bergman, who believes going the extra mile for ARH employees is always worth it.