ARH hosts health fair

Barbourville ARH Hospital has promoted women’s health all throughout the month of October, which is national Breast Cancer Awareness month. The latest event in said promotion was a women’s health fair, hosted at the hospital on October 25. This year, the fair focused on women’s health and prevention.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of women’s health issues,” said Barbourville ARH CEO Charles Lovell. “During the month of October, we really focus our efforts and attention on women’s health and prevention.”

In all, the event hosted approximately twenty vendors, including local banks, air transport companies, the American Cancer Society and local medical providers. The hospital also had four departments representing different services offered on location.

A highlight of this year’s health fair, according to Lovell, was having the Union College nursing students in attendance for vital checks.

“It’s really great this year. We have the Union students. They’ve come to take vital signs and we have a lot of different promotional things about women’s health issues,” continued Lovell.

ARH’s efforts do not stop with the Barbourville hospital, either.

“At our office, we always try to screen every woman who comes in and make sure she’s up to date on all of her preventative screenings and tests as needed. We do women’s health annual examines [including] gynecological exams. We make sure every woman has her mammogram every year, make sure they’re up-to-date on their pap smears and any colonoscopy services needed,” said Jamie Wilder, the nurse practitioner at ARH Family Health in Flat Lick.

Wilder stated if any local woman is in need of a primary care giver or preventative services, the clinic in Flat Lick is always looking for new patients and accepts walk-ins.

Other vendors at the event agreed that, while it once might have been true that women needed to leave Barbourville for healthcare, that is no longer the case.

“I think it’s important for people in the community to know what medical options are available to them at home that they no longer have to travel outside of Barbourville to get,” said Kendra Hubbard, owner of Barbourville Chiropractic, who set up a table at the event.

If you have any questions about preventative screenings, call Barbourville ARH at 546-4175.