ARH promotes cancer screening

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. To combat this alarming statistic, Barbourville ARH Hospital is offering $50 mammograms throughout October, which is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Prevention is so much less costly than actual treatment. As healthcare providers, we want to try to help people be more proactive and promote wellness versus getting treatment after a diagnosis. We’re just trying to encourage women to get the mammograms,” said Barbourville ARH CEO Charles Lovell. “Unfortunately, women can go awhile without it being diagnosed and then when they actually do get a diagnosis, the options are very limited.”

As part of the October special, women can get a mammogram and a radiologist’s interpretation for only $50. Lovell hopes this service allows the hospital to reach as many women as possible and hopefully save a life in the process.

“So many times, people that don’t have health insurance or have a very high deductible just forgo a mammogram,” continued Lovell.

As years pass, women are being diagnosed earlier and earlier with breast cancer. Lovell said women used to begin annual mammograms at age fifty. Now, it is not uncommon for women in their thirties to begin annual mammograms.

“As you read more and more about the statistics, women are being diagnosed much earlier,” said Lovell. “Now, we’re seeing so many people diagnosed even in their twenties and thirties.”

If there are risk factors present or a family history of breast cancer, Lovell suggests beginning screenings as early as your twenties.

Depending on demand for the $50 mammograms, Lovell reports the hospital may even extend hours to make sure everyone has the chance to be screened.

“We want to accommodate anyone who needs a mammogram,” said Lovell. “We want to make sure we can capture and service those working, so if we see the volume’s picked up enough that we need to add hours, we can do that.”

All you need to sign up for the $50 mammogram is a doctor’s order and then call Barbourville ARH at 546-4175 to schedule your appointment.

Barbourville ARH will also host their annual Women’s Health Fair on October 25 in the hospital lobby. Local vendors, the Health Department and members of the health care community will be available to answer questions and inform women about services available to them.