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Monday 7/20

Glenda Brock, 52, Gray; served warrant.

Kim A. Brown, 42, Barbourville; public intoxication not alcohol.

Michael Gilliam, 37, Manchester; shoplifting under $500.

Pamela Renee Mason, 32, Gray; served 3 warrants.

Tyler Jordan Messer, 19, Walker; 2nd degree disorderly conduct.

Eric B. Rice, 29, Corbin; 4th degree domestic assault, 2nd degree criminal mischief, public intoxication not alcohol, served warrant.

Otis Sizemore Jr., 51, Flat Lick; 4th degree assault, 4th degree domestic assault.

Tiffany Wagers, 32, Manchester; shoplifting under $500.

Tuesday 7/21

Billy T. Butcher, 20, Gray; alcohol intoxication in public.

William Keith Foley, 32, Gray; public intoxication not alcohol.

Raymond Gray Jr., 47, Flat Lick; 4th degree domestic assault.

Wednesday 7/22

James Allen Helton, 35, Dewitt; 4th degree domestic assault.

Anthony Douglas Martin, 42, Barbourville; served warrant.

Shannon Lee Morgan, 36, Barbourville; violation of a Kentucky emergency protective order / domestic violence order.

Casey E. Murphy, 22, Barbourville; served 2 warrants.

Eliza Faith Oaks, 35, Heidrick; served warrant.

Thursday 7/23

Matthew W. Anderson, 29, Somerset; served warrant.

Daniel Lee Brown, 34, Corbin; 2 failure to appears.

David Butler, 30, Manchester; receiving stolen property under $10,000.

Gracie K. Gabbard, 42, Corbin; contempt.

Kayla Nichele Gibson, 26, Flat Lick; served warrant.

Cameko James, 36, Corbin; fugitive from another state.

Hershel E. Knuckles, 44, Pineville; contempt.

Daryl G. Mills, 40, Scalf; prescriptions not in proper containers.

Jennifer Kay Mills, 25, Scalf; contempt.

Kathleen Marie Phipps, 40, Gray; no license or insurance, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Edith Jean Powers, 61, Corbin; 1st degree criminal mischief.

Timon Rose, ??, Williamsburg; failure to appear.

Whitney R. Senters, 20,  Artemus; contempt.

Melissa A. Sizemore, 33, Bryant Store; fraudulent insurance acts under $500, public intoxication not alcohol, falsely reporting an incident.

Shawn Sizemore, 39, Bryant Store; no seatbelt, fraudulent insurance acts under $500, falsely reporting an incident, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Dennis Ray Wagers Jr., 41, Barbourville; 4th degree domestic assault.

Friday  7/24

Deon Flannely,  32, Corbin; served warrant.

Ricky Gray, 35, Flat Lick; served warrant.

Samuel C. Hatfield, 43, Rockholds; served warrant.

Heather Hensley, 26, Gray; menacing, 3rd degree criminal mischief, alcohol intoxication in public, 2nd degree disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, 3rd degree assault on a police officer.

Helen W. Jackson, 65, Corbin; no insurance, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Delton D. Marler, 44, Barbourville; served warrant.

Tammy Lynn Merida, 43, Flat Lick; contempt.

Chassidy Marie Milburn, ??, possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

Jonathon Scott Patterson, 34, Barbourville; served warrant.

Steven Douglas Roark, 32, Barbourville; contempt.

Otis Sizemore Jr., 51, Flat Lick; contempt.

Roy Sizemore, 54, Flat Lick; contempt.

Judy L. Sutherland, 28, Bimble; manufacturing methamphetamine.

Autumn R. Tye, 33, Barbourville; contempt.

Ronald Paul Wyatt Jr., 29, London; served warrant.

Saturday 7/25

Jessica Elliott, 31, Dewitt; public intoxication not alcohol.

Stacy Goley, 32, Gray; 4th degree domestic assault.

Jeremy D. Gregory, 21, Cannon, served warrant.

Daryl Moore, 25, Corbin; served warrant, 2nd degree criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Melissa J. Sanders, 39, Barbourville; 2nd degree wanton endangerment, 4th degree assault.

Jennifer Sutton, 29, Williamsburg; unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 1st degree criminal trespass, served warrant.

Breoynna Teran, 25, Pineville; 2nd degree disorderly conduct.

Sunday 7/26

Daniel R. Dean, 27, Barbourville; 4th degree domestic assault.

Ashley N. Gray, 28, Barbourville; served 2 warrants.

Jamie Mays, 35, Barbourville; served warrant.

Kenneth Messer, 29, Barbourville; no seatbelt, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Heavenly M. Pridemore, 22, Rockholds; served warrant.

Andrew Kyle Saunders, 20, Barbourville; served warrant.