Arrests as of Feb. 5, 2015


Monday 1/26

Earl Keith Bays, 40, Barbourville; 1st degree domestic assault.

Megan Helton, 26, Evarts, served 3 warrants.

Terry Hembree, 60, Pineville; served warrant.

John Mark Lundy, 64, Barbourville; contempt.

Derek L. Shelley, 26, Corbin; served warrant.

Tuesday 1/27

Christopher Lee Bruner, 27, Barbourville; 4th degree assault, 3rd degree terroristic threatening, technical parole violation.

Julia Ann Kirkland, 25, Hinkle; 2nd degree hindering apprehension, 3 charges of cold checks under $500.

Versie May Lewis, 41, Fourmile; public intoxication not alcohol, prescriptions not in proper containers, 1st and 2nd degree possession of controlled substance.

Earl Franklin McVey, 27, Green Road; served warrant.

Rebecca Elaine Roark, 42, Corbin; served warrant, theft of mail, identity theft, theft under $500.

Harrison Wagers, 56, Barbourville; driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Chris Scott West, 22,Barbourville; theft under $500.

Wednesday 1/28

Raymond L. Bullis, 44, Williamsburg; one headlight, no insurance, 2nd degree criminal mischief, driving under influence of drugs/alcohol, possession of burglary tools, 2 charges theft under $500, prescriptions not in proper container, 3rd degree possession controlled substance.

Kaid A. Rodgers, 45 Manchester; served warrant.

John C. Smith 61, Gray; alcohol intoxication in public 2nd offense.

Ronnie W. Teague, 24, Williamsburg; improper start from parked position, reckless driving, no tail lights or insurance or seatbelts, driving under influence of drugs/alcohol, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Thursday 1/29

Cheryl Ann Allen, 57, Keavy; served warrant.

Dallas Ray McVey, 28, Corbin; alcohol intoxication in public (2nd offense), shoplifting under $500.

Bobby Morgan, 61, Barbourville; driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol (3rd offense).

Jacinta Chantelle Napier, 42, Red Fox; served warrant.

Cassandra Michelle Steele, 25, Corbin; criminal possession of a forged prescription, persistent felony offender II.

Ronnie W. Teague, 24, Williamsburg; 2nd degree criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools, theft over $500 but under $10,000 (auto).

Wendy Vanover, 30, Barbourville; served warrant.

Friday 1/30

Kendra Bates, 25, London; driving on a suspended license, no registration or plates or insurance, permitting operation of vehicle with improper registration, served warrant.

Michael Browning, 35, Corbin; served 2 warrants.

Darrell Collins, 45, Flat Lick; 4th degree assault.

Curtis D. Davenport, 27, Bimble; served warrant.

Christina  Eversole, 26, Corbin; served 2 warrants.

Melissa Jane Greener, 47, Barbourville; served warrant for other police agency.

James R. Johnson, 73, Corbin; possession of open alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle, no insurance, driving under influence of drugs/alcohol.

Richard Napier, 54, Bimble; served warrant.

Ricky Rogers, 59, Corbin; theft by deception includes cold checks under $500.

John Paul Sizemore, 42, London; careless driving, driving under influence if drugs/alcohol.

Fairlon Smith, 59, Corbin; reckless driving, 1st degree fleeing/evading police (vehicle),failure to notify address change to department of transportation, no seatbelt or insurance, driving under influence of drugs/alchol, 1st degree wanton endangerment, 1st degree wanton endangerment on a police officer.

Terri Stanley, 32, Flat Lick; shoplifting under $500.

Saturday 1/31

Travis L. Blackwood, 21, Gray; served 2 warrants.

James Bowling, 29, Dewitt; failure to signal, reckless driving, menacing, driving under influence of drugs /alcohol, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Mack Eldridge, 35, Barbourville; menacing, criminal littering.

Robert Logan Teeguarden, 41, Corbin; 4th degree domestic assault.

Sunday 2/1/15

Jessica Birchfield, 20, Corbin;  served warrant.

Billy Wayne Broughton, 59, Bryants Store; possession of open alcoholic beverage in vehicle, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Shirley Burnett, 63, Dewitt; shoplifting under $500.

Lonnie W. Curtis, 47, Corbin; served 2 warrants.

Thomas Wayne Gray, 34, Flat Lick; served 3 warrants, driving under influence of drugs/alcohol, 1st degree wanton endangerment.

Nathaniel M. Holt, 30, Gray; served 2 warrants.

Dillion W. Roark, 20, Barbourville; driving vehicle under influence of alcohol (under 21).

Michael R. Sproles, 35, Gray; served warrant.

Kirby John Taylor, 38, Ingram; served warrant.

Jeffery Thomas, 29, Corbin; served warrant.