Artemus Church Gives Back During Christmas Season

30 families in the Artemus community had the opportunity to receive an early Christmas gift today. Artemus Christian Church teamed up with Commission Encounters; a mission group who helps churches and community organizations reach out to those in need. They donated totes of hygiene and personal items for the church to give out to the ones in need.

Artemus Christian Church Minister Tim Canter said, “In years past, the church has had toy drives and different things throughout the community, we want to show people that we aren’t just sitting up here on the hill waiting on folks, we want to be active in the community.”

People in the community were invited to come eat a free meal today at the Artemus Christian Church. Tables are covered in clothing that has been donated, and those who came today were free to look through them and were given what they could use. The children were given the opportunity to go through and chose one toy, an opportunity some of these children will not have this year.

Darren West said, “It’s an opportunity for us, as we’ve been blessed, to bless others…knowing the community, knowing the people and seeing 2nd and 3rd generation folks, this is


a good way to help them out.”

Children had joy on their fac

es as they left with a full stomach, new clothes and a brand new toy. One child said, “I really thank them, this was nice.. They are very giving people and I love to come here!” Canter says in the future, they plan on trying to do something like this a couple of times a year.