Attorney request more information for murder trial

A man accused of murder appeared before the court Friday, Dec. 4.

Patrick Baker, 37, is accused of murdering Donald Mills in May, 2014. Baker, along with Christopher Wagner, allegedly told Mills that they were U.S. Marshals in order to gain access to Mill’s home. Once inside, Baker allegedly shot and killed Mills. Baker and Wagner are accused of robbing Mill’s house along with three accomplices, Elijah Messer, Angela Mills, and Stephanie Smith.

At his pretrial conference, Baker’s attorney, Randall Jewell, requested information from the Commonwealth pertaining to the case, including a request for all the files on main witnesses and defense from all agencies they’ve had contact with.

“So, if they (the witness for defense) were a confidential informant 20 years ago, you need to know that?” questioned Circuit Judge Thomas Jensen.

“Yes,” replied Jewell.

Commonwealth Attorney Jackie Steele disagreed.

He said, “I am not required to to turn over the files unless proper showing is made.” Steele went on to say, “His (Jewell’s) motion is so broad that he is asking for files that have no relevance.”

“We’ve had issues getting things in a timely manner,” said Jewell, as he requested information on all cell phones involved in the case, surveillance footage and photographs.

Judge Jensen remarked, “It doesn’t sound to me like there is anything going on other than there is a lot of material and it’s taking a while to go through.”

Baker is scheduled to appear at a pretrial conference at 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 5. Jewell added he would request an evidentiary hearing before the pretrial conference.