Baker found GUILTY in Mills murder

UPDATE (This story has been updated as facts were verified)  A Knox County jury has found Patrick Baker guilty in connection with the murder of Donald Mills. Mills was found gunned to death in his home on May 9, 2014. Presiding over the case was Circuit Judge David Williams. Baker was found guilty of reckless homicide, first degree robbery, impersonating a police officer and tampering with physical evidence.

After a long evening of deliberation, the jury returned about 1:30 a.m. Friday with the recommended sentence of:

  • Reckless homicide – 5 years
  • First Degree Robbery – 12 years
  • Impersonating a Police Officer – 1 year
  • Tampering with Physical Evidence – 1 year

Formal sentencing will be December 1, 2017.

After a mistrial was declared in the case in July 2017, Patrick Baker once again went before a jury to decide his fate. The 13 jurors were selected from a pool of 30 potential jurors on Monday.

Prosecutors allege that Baker, Messer and others, including Angela Mills and Christopher Wagner, broke into Donald Mills’ home posing as U.S. Marshals and demanded drugs and cash. Mills was allegedly shot during the break-in. Both Angela Mills and Christopher Wagner plead guilty in the case. Wagner made his plea deal in exchange for testimony in the case.

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