Ballot positions drawn for nonpartisan races

The ballot positions have been drawn for nonpartisan races in the November 6 general election.

Barbourville Mayor

  1. David Thompson
  2. Sherman Lawson

Barbourville City Council

  1. Mike Johnson
  2. Ronnie Moore
  3. Jeremy Hicks
  4. Calvin Manis
  5. Darren K. West
  6. Wilma Barnes
  7. Eddie Joe Smith

Knox County School Board District 2

  1. Courtney K. Campbell
  2. Carrie Runyon Smith
  3. Peggy Gray
  4. Donald R. “Doc” Gray
  5. James E. Gray

Barbourville City School Board

  1. Will Daniels
  2. Edwin E. Smith
  3. Bonita A. Williams

For the official list, click here: 2018 Nonpartisan Ballot Positions