Barbourville ARH feeds Union basketball teams

Forty-five Union College basketball players were shown a great deal of hospitality recently. Barbourville ARH Hospital employee’s served both the men and women’s basketball players lunch.

Due to winter break, students and workers at Union College were still out for winter break, and campus dining services were unavailable.

Since the basketball players were already back on campus, and without their regular place to eat, Barbourville ARH Hospital CEO Charles Lovell saw an opportunity. “We wanted to host these ladies and young men feed them a meal. They have a game tonight, so we just wanted to give them a good meal. Everyone has on their orange and black, we even left our Christmas tree up and decorated it in orange and black to show our support. It’s just fun to do stuff like this,” Lovell said.

Local restaurants and businesses were approached by the college and were asked to help teams out with meals until the dining hall reopened.

Josh Ajayi, a Union College Bulldog originally from Maryland said, “As a newcomer, this was an awesome experience. The hospitality was something we really aren’t used to. It’s just awesome, that’s all I can say.”

“Some of these kids are a long way from home and this is Union, it’s our local school. We all need to step up and pitch in and help!” said Tammy Patterson, an ARH employee.

With games currently underway, Union’s teams invite the community to fill the stands with local support.