Barbourville back in the groove

Students are back in the swing of school at Barbourville Independent.

The B.I.S. Board of Education recently held its first regularly scheduled meeting since school began. While the board has met several times this month, the agendas have been eclipsed by the new cafeteria renovation and expansion project. On Thursday, August 17, the board met to address more routine times on the agenda.

Monica Bolinger, co-sponsor of the senior class, requested permission from the board to plan a cruise for this year’s senior trip. Bowlinger explained that they have the options of a four-day cruise for around $750 per person, or five-day cruise for approximately $1000 per person. The board unanimously approved Bowlinger to move forward with planning the trip.

The board was also informed that the Success For All (SFA) Program, a reading program for elementary children, would be continuing in the district.

“And we have even better news than that,” said Superintendent L. Kay Dixon, “it will be funded through the Promise Neighborhood Grant that we have received. As you all know, Diana Mills is Barbourville’s Project Manager for Promise Neighborhood, and one of the things that she has purchased with the help of our school staff is ‘Success For All’ in several areas that we did not already have.”

In addition, the grant will cover the Reading Edge Program, a component of S.F.A. for grades six through eight. This will be the first year Barbourville Independent will have the Reading Edge program.

Before adjourning, the board also heard from three construction management companies. For the current cafeteria project, the district made the decision to go with a general contractor due to financial and time constraints. However, the board has suggested that this may be a multi-phase project and acknowledged that a construction manager may be a better fit for future projects.