Barbourville bests Lynn Camp

BY: Brady Smiley

Lynn Camp hosted Barbourville in an eighth grade match-up last Thursday. A scoring run late in the second quarter vaulted Barbourville to the 56-31 victory over Lynn Camp.

Lynn Camp’s tenacious defense kept them in the game against the much taller Barbourville squad for most of the first half. (#21) and (#4) played strongly for the Wildcats. Both teams forced a lot of turnovers and were able to get points off of fast breaks. Midway through the second quarter, the teams were locked in a close, 14-10 battle.

Barbourville took over the game going into halftime on an 11-4 run and never looking back. The Tigers took their opportunity when Lynn Camp went into a cold-spell offensively taking the 25-14 lead at halftime.

The break did not slow them down though, as Dylan Bingham, (#10), and (#21) led Barbourville to a 35-14 lead. Down by 21 points, Lynn Camp made a late push, but Barbourville’s offense simply wouldn’t allow the Wildcats back into the game.

Lynn Camp got their deficit close to ten points, but Barbourville extended the lead late on their way to the 56-31 win.