Barbourville Independent School Board says

“Students are our priority!”

This is a difficult and challenging time in education. As board members and community members, we understand these tough financial times. Unfortunately, we have the task of reducing our budget by approximately $290,000 for the upcoming 2015-16 school year.

As with any institution or business, reduction means financial cuts. Our priority has been and continues to be “students.”

We regret that we must make decisions that affect the lives of our school families; however, our focus must be on the services and opportunities we provide our students.

We have chosen to make cuts that do not directly impact our curriculum and course offerings. As a “Proficient” school district, we will continue to maximize opportunities for our students.

Barbourville Independent School Board members

Eddie E. Smith, vice chair

Sandy Lundy

Bonite Williams

Shirley F. Treadway, chair

Kenneth G. Cobb
Larry Warren, superintendent