Barbourville inspires former Union professor’s new novel

Former Barbourville resident and seasoned author Dwain Herndon released his third book Monday, October 30. In Somewhere a Pinch of Love, Herndon discusses issues such as abuse and the need to feel accepted and loved.

Dwain Herndon called Barbourville, Ky. home in 1963 when he taught speech and drama at Union College. While at the college, he produced Antigone, Taming of the Shrew and Cat on a Tin Roof.

Herndon recalls his time at Union College “like being a member of a big happy family.” He and his wife were only there one year but “have never forgotten the warm experience from faculty and students at Union and from people in the town.”

Herndon taught at other universities before joining the corporate world which he retired from in 2003. It was after retirement that he decided to become an author.

“I became a writer a few years after retiring. My first novel, Beyond the Next Hill, was published in 2013. Followed by a second novel, When the Birds Stop Singing, in 2014. The second novel was nominated for Georgia Author of the Year Award in 2015,” said Herndon. “I write most every day and find pleasure in pulling characters from the rural South, hardworking, patriotic, and fun-loving Americans who are the heartbeat of this nation.”

It was exactly that, the scenery and the people in Barbourville, that inspired his third book, Somewhere a Pinch of Love.

“When I began to think about Rudy, the main character in Somewhere a Pinch of Love, I thought of Union College and Barbourville. Two things stood out, the warmth and love from the people and the magic of a mountain sunrise or sunset,” said Herndon.

Somewhere a Pinch of Love follows the story of eight-year-old Rudy who is sent to live in the Kentucky Mountains with his ornery grandmother. Rudy, who seeks nothing but love, is instead met with verbal abuse. Once in college, Rudy meets a girl named Annie and finally experiences love until her disappearance, after which Rudy’s life spirals downward into an alcoholic stupor.

Eighteen years after Annie’s disappearance, Rudy receives a bundle of love letters written to Annie while they were together. An enclosed note asks if he’d intended to hurt Annie. Is Annie alive? Does love last forever? Or is it just the mind playing tricks on old memories?

Somewhere a Pinch of Love is available for purchase and kindle download at by searching the book title and author’s name.