Letter to the Editor: Barbourville’s great, but we need to grow

Barbourville’s great, but we need to grow

Our town and city matter to me. It’s been a great place to live. People are very nice and friendly here. The crime is low here. Every time you turn on the news something bad is happening in big cities around the world. It makes me feel very grateful to live in a place that things like that doesn’t happen in.

When I look at our town, I see a lot more growth to be made. I think we need a Business Recruiter to go out and promote more job growth.

I have been in contact with many businesses myself that have showed interest in opening future locations here. I’ve notice we have a lot of new local businesses that have opened in the last two years, and more are in the works. I believe we can work together to build a better future for our town.

I have so many great friends and family here. The money sounds good to pack up and leave, but that would be too ease. I’d rather stay here and help make things better.

Joe Mitchell