Beware of “Hidden” costs from this winter storm

Jay Nolan
Jay Nolan

OK, the storm was bad and you could not get out to work, so your paycheck will be lower. Everyone understands that. You don’t like it, but it is understandable.

But to me, the worse part of this record breaking winter is the “hidden” costs of the storm.

With snow and ice everywhere, the old “Bald Eagle May Pop Anytime” tires on my truck were worthless. So, it became time to break down and buy new ones. Sure they work great, even helped me shuttle some “snow stuck staff” to and from work. But, WOW! New tires cost more than I remembered.

Did any of you have a pipe freeze and bust? Yeah, we did too. Guess what, plumbers aren’t cheap either. But then, if your pipes burst, you know that.

How about ground water from all this melting snow and ice contaminating gas tanks? We know of several instances of “water in gas” causing motorists lots of problems. In one case I am personally aware of, the contaminated gas caused over $3,000 in damage to a brand new vehicle. OUCH!

Of course, the record cold caused our heating system to work overtime and our bill is more than double! Can you relate to how hard that is on a shrinking wallet?

Now, I have not even mentioned the propane tank that ran out. Never said a word about the vehicle that would not start. Failed to mention the big roof leak caused by ice-clogged gutters that sent gallons of water through the dropped ceiling, down the walls, and flooding the basement floor.

No, the truly scary, “hidden” and highest cost of our storm may be this. Since we have all been caged up on top of each other for over a week now, my wife is surfing through pictures of Caribbean beaches on the Internet. What happens if cabin fever drives her button pushing crazy enough to snap and hit the “Book Now” tab!

That’s one “hidden” cost of the storm, would definitely bust the budget. Still, I must admit, after all this record cold and snow, I think sunny beaches, warm weather, and blue skies sure sound good right now. And I think a vacation may be cheaper than a divorce.

What do you think?