BIS board recognized for dedication

Barbourville Independent Schools and Superintendent L. Kay Dixon took time before the January 18 meeting to recognize the efforts of the board and the positive impact they have had on the school system.

“Barbourville has experienced enormous enrichments in both curricular and athletic program opportunities in the past two years, and these advances are due to the innovative nature and eagerness of a dedicated board. It is wonderful to work with a group focused on students and always maintaining a vision for success,” said Dixon.

Each board member received a wooden seal as a token of the school’s appreciation and were catered to fruit, vegetable and dessert trays in the lobby.

“I’ve enjoyed my first year as a Board member and our work towards new building projects, being good stewards with budget funds, and increasing partnerships with community resources including Knox Promise Neighborhoods and Union College,” said board member Dr. Jason Reeves. “Another really enjoyable component of my work has been being able to recognize our teachers, staff, students, and their families for the incredible amount of often unnoticed effort each put into advancing our district every day. The reception was a wonderful way to begin another year of many more good things to come.”