BIS receives five-year grant

Photo by Tasha Stewart
Left to right, DPP Brian Carey, Superintendent L. Kay Dixon and grant writer Diana Mills displayed a Promise Neighborhood banner for the school to hang up, reminding them of the grant and their mission over the next five years.

Barbourville Independent students gathered in the gymnasium on September 28 for a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” assembly in which the school celebrated receiving a U.S. Department of Education Promise Neighborhood (PN) grant through Berea College. This grant will last five years and provide students with countless opportunities to reach the next highest level in their education.

“I am honored to be the Knox Promise Neighborhood Program Manager for Barbourville Independent Schools,” said Diana Mills during the assembly. “Knox Promise Neighborhood is providing materials and tools for our district which we can use to build a stronger neighborhood. I promise that I will work hard for our district every day and that our Knox PN team will too. I challenge you to be at school every day and to do your best. Together we are a strong team.”

Members of Berea’s Partners of Education and Knox Promise Neighborhood were guests at the assembly. Students presented each member with a gift bag to show their appreciation and the school unveiled a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” banner from Knox Promise Neighborhood for the district to display.

Through the grant, BIS will receive academic programs and learning experiences. These services include evidence based programs approved by the Kentucky Department of Education and will address community needs from birth to 24 years of age, also known as cradle to career. With input from Mrs. Dixon and the administrative staff, Barbourville Independent chose programs and activities that met the specific needs of students in the district.
In addition to academic programs, the following engaged learning programs were funded for the district by Knox PN: NEPRIS, MYON, Mastery Prep, Green Dot/Comp Care, Health Corp, Arts Inclusion, TOP, UNITE and Union after school.

The assembly program also consisted of a musical performance by the choir, a routine by the cheer and dance teams, a career parade by the kindergarten classes and a lot of pep and school spirit.

“I’m a very lucky person because here at Barbourville, we have the greatest students and the greatest staff in the entire state of Kentucky,” said Superintendent L. Kay Dixon. “We are so glad to be partnering with Berea College and participating in Promise Neighborhood…With our partnership, who knows? The sky is the limit for this group and we’re really excited about what’s to come for us in our district.”