‘Blink’ to revolutionize Barbourville’s internet

Gone are the days of waiting for Netflix videos to buffer. With the implementation of Blink, an internet delivery service, Barbourville Utility Commission customers can expect a drastic increase in internet speeds this year. Don’t blink or you might miss it!

The Blink internet service consists of fiber optic cables that carry digital information directly to homes and businesses. General manager Josh Callihan reported to the Knox County Chamber of Commerce that, not only will the fiber optic lines be more durable, they will replace the current copper wire infrastructure, providing customers with amazing speed and capacity. In fact, customers can see internet speeds as high as one gigabit.

“We’re investing in a network that’s going to be sustainable for a long time,” said Callihan. “It will be here for generations to come.”

Just as an example of the speed increase customers can expect, a two-hour, high definition movie with BUC’s current internet which averages five megs, will take 1 hour and 12 minutes to download the entire movie. On a 100 meg connection with Blink, it will take four and a half minutes and a one gig connection will take 25 seconds to download.

While crews began installing the fiber lines in September 2017, it will not be until April 2018 when the first customers can connect to Blink. The first connections will take place in downtown Barbourville. BUC will be contacting current customers as installation becomes available in their neighborhood. You can also pre-register for Blink by calling 546-3187 or visiting the BUC office.

BUC reports that while customers with the Blink service will no longer need a modem, they strongly recommend customers use a Gigabit router for the best internet experience. Even with fast internet coming into homes and businesses, the bandwidth may not make it to individual devices. Having this router can increase your local network speed by as much as ten times.