Board vote shocks city: split BOE votes not to renew superintendent contract

Barbourville City Schools Superintendent Larry Warren
Barbourville City Schools Superintendent Larry Warren

As Barbourville City School’s Board of Education meeting wound down Thursday, Nov. 5, Board Member Cassandra “Sandy” Lundy made a motion that silenced the room.

She said, “I would like to make a motion to not renew Larry Warren’s contract as superintendent when it expires in June of 2016.”

The motion was passed three to two, with Sandy Lundy, Vice Chairman Edwin Smith and Bonita Williams in favor. Board Chairman Shirley Treadway and Kenneth Cobb voted against the motion.

Warren served as principle of Barbourville City School for eight years before serving as superintendent for 21 years.

Superintendent Warren issued an official statement. He said, “It has been a joy working with the Barbourville Board of Education for the past 29 years out of a total of 46 years in education.

Even though three members of our current Board of Education feel the need to use their sense of power to assure their personal desires and plan of action, the most of my exceptional co-workers are familiar with my decision to retire at the conclusion of my contract next June.

I have enjoyed working with splendid students, faculty, and administrative staff throughout all endeavors. Barbourville City Schools is a great school system.”

The Board of Education had no official comment on the topic.