Board wants changes for project

Tensions were high in the January 18 Barbourville Independent board meeting as members were presented the design development plans for the cafeteria renovation and expansion. The plans which did not accurately reflect all of the components the board previously asked for.

“We want to see what we can do with this. We don’t want to go forward with a plan that isn’t what we asked for. We want to see what options we have here,” Superintendent L. Kay Dixon told architects with CMW.

There were three main issues with the plan presented by CMW Architect: the cohesiveness of the outside design, a dishwasher drainage issue in the cafeteria and the layout of the front administration office.

Superintendent L. Kay Dixon and board members were unhappy with the overall design of the outside structure, specifically citing an issue with a front wall they asked to be extended to provide a more cohesive look. However, pre-existing plumbing is to blame for the unchanged wall as presented by CMW, citing they cannot easily and cost-effectively put in the necessary footer to extend the wall due to the location of the plumbing.

“Ok, so that changes the whole thing we’re looking at because we expected this to be done and didn’t know until now that we’re not going to be able to do that,” said Dixon.

“It’s a shame to spend so much on such a nice structure and then not have this,” agreed board member Bonita Williams.

To avoid delays, the board approved the overall layout of the design development; however, revisions will have to be made soon to address the problems presented. The construction phase has also been pushed to the first or second week of February due to weather.

In his monthly reports, Principal Paul Middleton discussed two new spring sports that have been added to the district, track and field and middle school soccer.

Track and field is proving to be a costlier sport, as uniforms are approximately $30 per set and the school will need to purchase a large array of equipment for the team. The school is also having some difficulty securing a place to practice. Currently, the Knox Central High School track is used by both Knox Central and Union College, making the addition of another team difficult. The team will utilize the Knox Central track when scheduling allows and will practice on the Lynn Camp track the remainder of the time, working around their schedules.

A coach has not been secured yet either, but Mr. Middleton has several people he is talking to. Track and field will begin in March and all meets for the team will be away.

Meanwhile, middle school soccer is slightly ahead in the planning stage. Current BIS English teacher Jessica Miller has agreed to coach the team(s). Miller was a soccer player at Union College and coached the Knox Central and Knox County Middle School girls’ teams for two years.

Middleton and Miller held an interest meeting a few weeks ago and had an excellent turn out, with 30 students in all interested in playing the sport. If interest continues, the school will have enough players for separate boys’ and girls’ teams.

Uniforms range from $57 to $90, but the only equipment needed will be KHSAA approved soccer balls which are $35.50 each. The team will begin practice on Union College’s grass field in February and will have to play away matches when the season begins in March.

“As always, I expect my players to show commitment to their team by attending practices and always being ready to learn. I’m very excited about starting this program and teaching everyone the beautiful game,” said Miller.

Finally, the school’s playground project fundraising campaign is nearing completion. Dennis Messer, school administration manager, reported they are nine months in on the grant and have raised approximately $19,000 of their $20,000 goal.

“[We have] more funds promised. We are going to exceed $20,000,” said Messer.

The school is also looking into purchasing additional equipment and possibly a gazebo for the area.

“You don’t run around the whole time so I want a place for the kids to sit down. We may put a few benches out there also. I think the kids are going to be really excited,” concluded Messer.