Bond hearing held for five alleged murderers

On Wednesday, Sept. 24, five people charged with the murder of Donald Mills were back in court for a bond hearing. All were seeking some form of reduction.

Patrick Baker, 36, was first to stand before the judge. His bond had previously been changed from $400,000 fully secured to $500,000 cash. He was wanting the original bond re-instated.

Randy Jewell said that, “a fully secured $400,000 should be adequate…. and that he thought a person was to serve time after convicted.”

Two witnesses spoke on Baker’s behalf. One person representing home incarceration, said that the records of his monitoring were unblemished. A childhood friend and former roommate stated that he could never believe that Baker had a drug problem or would do anything violent.

Christopher Wagner’s bond was $500,000 cash. His lawyer asked the judge to drop it to $150,000.

His mother said, “I can put up my house, but that is all we have. We are not wealthy people.”

The other three defendants, Stephanie Smith, Angela Mills Brown and Elijah Messer never were in front of the judge. Their hearings were moved to Friday, Oct. 31.

Judge Jensen said he would rule on Baker’s and Wagner’s bonds by Friday, Oct. 26, or early next week.