Brighter future possible for Knox’s female addicts

Photo by Emily Baker Pam Sulfridge, Director of Cumberland Hope Community speaks with UNITE Coalition Coordinator Tom Vicini after the July meeting.
Photo by Emily Baker
Pam Sulfridge, Director of Cumberland Hope Community speaks with UNITE Coalition Coordinator Tom Vicini after the July meeting.

The UNITE Coalition met Tuesday, July 5 for their monthly meeting where Cumberland Hope Community director, Pam Sulfridge, captivated those in attendance. In partnership with Cumberland River Behavioral Health, the Recovery Kentucky facility offers help to women across the state who suffer from alcohol and drug addictions. This multi-phase program starts with Safe Off the Streets (SOS) where detoxification occurs, and provides assistance for every step on the road to recovery.

Some of the services provided are on-site housing, Alcoholics Anonymous classes, and employment opportunities both within and outside of the program. Currently, the program does not accept insurance. Instead, they charge based on the client’s income, meaning most can complete this program free of charge.

While recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is an important goal of the program, Sulfridge reiterated how the staff and clients rely on teamwork and accountability to build new relationships free from the bondage of addiction. “A lot of times, we get this scary concept of the disease of addiction,” Sulfridge addressed. “It’s not necessarily that way, especially at our facility. They’re learning about how to be a productive member of society.”

Currently, the 108-bed facility is at maximum capacity and the waiting list for new clients is six months. Although this wait is extensive for those who need immediate help, Sulfridge is eager to accommodate everyone during the intake process and help in any way possible.

Due to the high success rate reported for this program, it is clear why women across the state are lining up to receive help from Cumberland Hope Community. In the final recovery stages of the program, the staff-to-peer mentor ratio is approximately 50/50 and upon follow-up, less than nine percent admitted to drug use. With the help of Cumberland Hope Community, the women entering and exiting this program once again have the help they truly need and hope for a brighter, addiction free future.