Brock vows to continue prayer campaign after Monday mobile stage fire

Only two days after he kicked off a statewide “Let Our Children Pray’ campaign, a Knox County man suffered a setback. However, he vows to continue his push to get prayer back in school. Verlan Brock, who made his first stop on his statewide tour in Bell County Saturday, learned early Monday morning that a specially-decorated mobile stage and the truck that he used to pull it was damaged in an early morning fire.   [private levels=”basic”] Brock, his wife Paula and daughters Abreanna and Verlanda, were in  Tennessee when they got a call about the fire. West Knox firefighters responded to Brock’s residence on U.S. 25E just north of Gilliam Hill at around 4 a.m. When they arrived they found that the back of the truck and the front of the mobile stage were in flames. West Knox Fire Chief Daryl Baker said the truck’s driver door was open and the cap on the truck’s fuel tank was open. Because of the circumstances, fire officials notified a Kentucky State Police arson investigator to probe the cause of the blaze. The truck and trailer suffered extensive damage, as did thousands of dollars in sound equipment kept inside. Brock said he is now more determined than ever to rise above the tragedy, with the help of the Lord, adding that he sees the fire as more of a stepping stone than a stumbling block. Although he believes those who are responsible for the fire should be held accountable for what they have done, he also knows he must forgive them. “I am praying for them,” he said, adding that he has no plans to give up on his ministry now. “I can’t give up on the kids,” he said. [/private]