Bulldogs win Golden Can award

Union College is proud to announce that the Kentucky Harvest Southeast’s Golden Can Award is back in the hands of the Bulldogs.

Through the annual Pursuit of the Golden Can competition between Union College and neighboring University of the Cumberlands, the Union community was encouraged to collect canned goods, bottled drinks and other food items. The award is based on the total weight of food collected. The poundage gets divided by the number of residential students on campus for a total of food donated per residential student per campus. Whichever of those numbers is greater is determined the winner. With the help of the City of Barbourville, Union College’s students, faculty and staff collected over 28,000 pounds of food, narrowly beating out Cumberland who also collected more than 28,000 pounds food.

“Union College is honored to participate in the Pursuit of the Golden Can food drive for the sixth year in a row,” said Merry Thompson, Union College Director of Servant Leadership. “We are already looking forward to next year! We hope to raise an even greater amount of food and generate even more involvement from the campus community to continue this tradition.”

The 28,775 pounds of food collected by Union College will be distributed to Hope City Food Panty and Christian Lift Food Bank, both in Barbourville.