Alleged burglar’s ‘selfie’ gets national attention

A Gray man who captured a ‘selfie’ of himself wearing a mask prior to allegedly burglarizing a community market is getting national attention.

Knox County Sheriff’s Deputies captured Kevin Lawson Thursday, about 17 hours after an early morning break-in at Cope’s Country Store. Surveillance video shows a hooded, masked burglary carrying guns and other items out of the store and then leaving with them – walking straight toward the video camera. 

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Deputies were able to locate Lawson but got a surprise when they checked his cell phone, which contained a “selfie” he had a short time before the crime, wearing the mask he used in the burglary.

After news of the crime broke locally, television stations, websites, and other media outlets began to share the story of Lawson’s self-incriminating selfie.

The story and selfie has been featured on such websites as One News Page, and has appeared on numerous TV newscasts.

One website, The Smoking Gun, even shared a copy of Lawson’s arrest citation.

The pic and link to the story also appeared on the “World’s Dumbest” TV show Facebook page.

When police found Lawson and his selfie, they also located nearly all of the stolen merchandise.

He was charged with first-degree burglary and criminal mischief.

Lawson remains lodged in the Knox Detention Center without bond. He is due back in court for arraignment at 10:30 a.m. Monday.