Calvary Christian treats students to ice cream party for achievements

Calvary Christian School in Barbourville celebrated it’s accomplished students Monday, Sept. 18. Those students who had perfect attendance and had completed all of their assigned work for the first three weeks of school were treated to an ice cream party.

“We’re doing it primarily as an incentive,” said Brenda Jenkins, Administrator at Calvary Christian School. “A lot of times its more negative enforcement where we’re saying ‘you don’t do this’ or ‘you didn’t do that’, so we’re trying to do positive things to reward them for doing positive things.”

Students responded to the schools approach. More than 20 students, from preschool to high school, met the requirements to participate in the party.

“They love it, we’ve got a very good turnout,” said Jenkins. “There’s very few that missed this, so we’re hoping next time to do something even larger to have a better turnout.”

Students who missed out will have the opportunity to be part of future festivities. The school plans to throw a celebration for its students after six weeks of classes and after nine weeks of classes.