Careers in Knox County Rich Prewitt – Cumberland Valley Electric

As you read this column, I hope to convince you that I work for the best company, the best boss, and have the best job in Knox County.  My name is Rich Prewitt.  I work for Cumberland Valley Electric.  Our CEO, or our manager, is Mr. Ted Hampton.  My official title is Director of Marketing and Economic Development.  I have a B.S. Degree from the University of the Cumberlands and hold additional degrees from Union College and Eastern Kentucky University.  I am also a graduate of the Kentucky Institute for Economic Development.  However, I believe in my job, my previous work experience was more beneficial than my degrees.  I like to be as versatile to my company as possible so I also have a CDL, a Notary Public, and I am former licensed EMT.

Our co-op is a member-owned, not for profit entity, meaning all of the people who receive electricity from Cumberland Valley Electric are the owners and pay a membership fee to belong.  This makes our business model different than other companies.  Our whole reason for existence is to keep bringing electricity to the most rural parts of Southeastern Kentucky in the safest, most reliable, least expensive way possible.  And, if I might say so, we have been doing a great job at this for over 75 years.  I have witnessed my co-workers working all night, under the worst weather conditions possible, just to keep your family in electricity.  And for that, I’m very proud to wear my Cumberland Valley Electric shirt in public. 

There is no typical day for me, with marketing, advertising, economic development, member services, school safety programs, volunteer fire department and first responder training, and just pitching in whenever I can, it’s a very fast week.  I am very active in Chamber of Commerce, Honor Flight Kentucky, Tri-County Leadership, Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics, Kiwanis, and a host of other groups so beneficial to our communities through Cumberland Valley Electric.

I learned from the best in Mr. Ted Hampton that it is important to be generous of your time and treat everyone as equals.  Never do for one what you can’t do for all.  And doing for all makes for a very hectic schedule.  Cumberland Valley Electric is in several counties and serves around 24,000 member owners every day.