Celebrating Food Check-Out Week

To celebrate America’s farmers and the contributions made by Knox County agriculture, Kentucky Farm Bureau is celebrating Food Check-Out Week February 18-24. The Barbourville branch held a proclamation signing with Mayor David Thompson and Judge Executive J.M. Hall on February 6 to kick-off events.

“The importance of the proclamation, in a nutshell, is to emphasize the role that the American farmer plays in producing quality food in the…safest aspect in the world. Certainly, Knox County is part of that,” said Cloyce Hinkle, the county president. “Food Check-Out Week is indicative of how many days that the average American worker has to work from the first of the year to pay for food for a family for the rest of the year. The importance is the awareness of making American food affordable.”

In recognition of this, Barbourville Farm Bureau has pledged the following:

To purchase $500 worth of food for the Knox County Public Schools’ backpack program. The food will be distributed to family resource centers.

Work with Knox Central and Lynn Camp Future Farmers of America members at local grocery stores by distributing and explaining information about farmers’ role in producing the food consumers purchase at grocery stores.

“America’s food supply is the most affordable as well as the safest in the world,” said president Mark Haney. “Domestic foods that are produced by farmers in Kentucky and throughout the United States are responsible, in part, for our nation’s increased standard of living.”

Farm Bureau contributed to this release.