Check out these numbers before you vote next Tuesday!

It’s almost here! Next Tuesday is election day.  Elections are always interesting in the political hotbed that is Knox County. Several countywide offices like Judge-Executive, Jailer and Sheriff are heating up, as are multiple magistrate races.  Before the election even begins, here’s some interesting election numbers to think about.

24,389 registered to vote

Every vote – especially yours – matters! (In fact, not that long ago, the constable race in district 4 was decided by just one vote.) That’s the official number of people in Knox County, according to most recent State Voter Registration Statistics Report.

16,322 are registered as Republicans, (67%) and 7022 as Democrats. That means right now in our county Republicans outnumber Democrats 2.3 to 1.  Interestingly, women could out-vote men this time. That’s because there are 883 more women than men registered to vote in the county (12,636 to 11,753).

ONE vote only for 1000+

We have about 1,000 voters who are registered as other than Democrat or Republican. Because this is a primary election, the goal is to elect one nominee from each party.  So, all 1,000+ folks registered as independent or some other party will only be able to vote in the one non-partisan race, the State Supreme Court race, on May 22. However, they will be able to cast a ballot in every race in November’s general election.

30 Polling places

Voting in Knox county is easy and usually does not take long.  That’s because there will be thirty different polling locations open, so you won’t have to travel very far from home to vote.  Plus, there is an absentee voting machine at the courthouse already set up for you, in case you will be out of town next Tuesday.  So, please vote!


The Knox County Treasurer estimates we as taxpayers will invest between $65,000 and $70,000 to pay for the cost of the election on Tuesday.  Word on the street is some campaigns have already spent over half that just on their race. It will be interesting to see all the campaign finance reports for this race after the election is over. But given all the money, time and effort invested, hopefully you’ll invest a few minutes to be a good citizen and vote. And watch the local election results live, for free, online at

Sadly, last primary only about 35% overall of those eligible voted.  Less than 7,000 republicans and 1,700 democrats cast ballots 4 years ago.  Will the numbers be higher or lower this time? What do you think?