Cheerleader Spotlight

Haley Brown
Haley Brown

Haley Brown




Advocate: What is your favorite memory of cheering?

Haley: My favorite memory is to be able to look back and laugh at all the good times.

Advocate: What is involved in being a cheerleader?

Haley: Cheerleading requires a lot of hard work. Listening to coaches is crucial.

Advocate: What will you miss about going to cheer camp each summer?

Haley: I will miss stressing over All-American tryouts.

Advocate: How has cheer affected your life throughout high school?

Haley: I have made more friends and it has allowed me to participate in most everything.

Advocate: What is your worst memory about being a cheerleader?

Haley: My worst memory is having to condition due to a teammate’s mistake.

Advocate: Tell me about your coach, Lisa Napier.

Haley: Lisa listens and can relate to everyone.

Advocate: What is your favorite school subject and movie?

Haley: I love English and writing papers. My favorite movie is ‘Walk the Line’.

Advocate:  Do you regret your decision to cheer?

Haley: No! Cheering has shaped and molded me into being a leader. Cheering has allowed me to stand out from everyone and put my talents to good use.