Cheerleader Spotlight

Whitney Hampton
Whitney Hampton

Whitney Hampton




Advocate: What is your favorite memory of cheering?

Whitney: My favorite memory would be when we got fourth in state.

Advocate: What is involved in being a cheerleader?

Whitney: Cheerleading takes a lot of dedication.

Advocate: What will you miss about going to cheer camp each summer?

Whitney: I will miss bonding with my team.

Advocate: How has cheer affected your life throughout high school?

Whitney: Cheerleading in high school has made it more enjoyable.

Advocate: What is your worst memory about being a cheerleader?

Whitney: My worst memory would be getting my nose busted at cheer camp.

Advocate: Tell me about your coach, Lisa Napier.

Whitney: Lisa makes everything more enjoyable.

Advocate: What is your favorite school subject and what kind of music to you like?

Whitney: My favorite subject is English and I like rap music.