Cheerleader Spotlight

Hannah Mills 17 Senior Cheerleader
Hannah Mills

Advocate: What is your favorite memory of cheering?

Hannah: My favorite memory is winning All-American and wearing banana costumes with Ashton Smith at UCA camp.

Advocate: What is involved in being a cheerleader?

Hannah: Cheerleading requires hard work, dedication and a lot of TIME!

Advocate: What will you miss about going to cheer camp each summer?

Hannah: I’ll miss getting to spend every second with my best friends.

Advocate: How has cheer affected your life throughout high school?

Hannah: Cheerleading has taken up almost all of my time but I would not trade this time for anything.

Advocate: Do you plan on cheering in college?

Hannah: I have always wanted to cheer at the college level.

Advocate: What is your worst memory about being a cheerleader?

Hannah: Knowing that one day I won’t be able to cheer.

Advocate: Tell me about your coach.

Hannah: I have an amazing, supportive coach.

Advocate: What is your favorite school subject, favorite movie?

Hannah: My favorite subject is reading and my favorite type of music is country.