City Council to get first reading of budget amendment

By Bobbie Poynter

The Barbourville City Council will get a first look Thursday at the first of several amendments to the budget as proposed by the Finance Committee. The amendments will affect all departments in order to balance the budget.

A concern has been raised that money is being pulled from the police department after the city council vowed to help the department out at the January meeting.

City Clerk Helen Strong says that is not the case.

We’re only adjusting the salary amounts budgeted for two officers who no longer work for the department,” she said. “We’re not taking anything away from the department itself. But, the city does have bills to pay, and as we can’t add to our yearly budget, we have to find money to pay those bills with what we already have.”

The council will also hear a presentation from Jones, Nale & Mattingly about the Fiscal Year 2014 audit. The auditors will announce any discrepancies or non-compliances found during the audit.