City Council to set property tax rate

City Council is set to meet on September 7 at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Chambers. Among the items up for discussion on the agenda are two ordinances.

Under new business, Ordinance No. 2017-5 will be introduced. This is an ordinance to set the property tax rate, according to City Clerk Helen Strong. Mayor David Thompson reports the decrease is not much, but property tax rates have gone down.

The second reading of Ordinance No. 2017-4 will also be held. This is an amendment on alcohol ordinance No. 2016-2. This ordinance sets out the regulations and requirements for licensing, operations and the establishment of alcoholic beverage sales in the City of Barbourville. This amendment is a result of House Bills that were changed in the Legislative Session. This ordinance amendment does not create any major changes, including the legal drinking age or store hours.

“There was just a lot of cleanup of old regulations, some language changes and changes to the way some licensing is worded. It’s basically a big cleanup ordinance,” confirmed Alcohol Beverage Control Administrator Corey Moren.

Finally, council members will vote to reschedule the October monthly meeting due to the Daniel Boone Festival and will set the date and time for trick or treat.