City School named proficient district

The results for Barbourville Indendepent Schools of the 2015 K-prep and Unbridled Learning assessments were discussed during the Thursday, Oct. 8, board meeting.

Kay Dixon, Title I Coordinator, announced that Barbourville Independent School was officially labeled as a Proficient District.

With K-prep and Unbridled Learning, schools are classafied as one of four possible categories: Novice, Apprentice, Proficient or Distinguished, based on locked-in scores from 2014.

While the high school was labeled Distinguish and the middle school announced as proficient, Dixon focused on the elementary school, which was labeled as Apprentice and needs improvement.

“Usually, elementary school results move more year-to-year, as opposed to middle or high schools,” explained Dixon.

The school plans to take immediate action to improve their results. At a recent brainstorming session, teachers listed what they thought were the strengths and weaknesses of Barbourville Schools.

“We looked at the lists and which of those were reflected in the data,” said Dixon. “We plan on going beyond the data as a whole, we’re looking at the needs of each individual child. Having the tools is not enough, we have to utilize the tools in the classroom.”

Dixon acknowledges the success of the middle and high schools. She said, “We’re glad to be a proficient district, but we’re working to become distinguished.”