City School receives audit results

Barbourville Schools received a ‘Clean Opinion’ on their 2014-2015 audit. A modest title for a big acheivement.

Madgel Miller, Certified Public Accountant with Cloyd and Associates, attended the December School Board meeting to present the audit findings.

Miller announced that Barbourville Independent made positive changes in its general funds and acknowledged that activity funds were spent correctly. Barbourville Independent had a little over $23,000 in activity funds receipts and spent roughly $18,000 in the correct manner.

The audit report was nearly spotless, with only one write-up.

“You only had one write-up and it was a minor one. Occasionally, multi-receipt forms were not used. There were receipts, but no multi-receipt forms,” explained Miller.

She went on to praise the work of Beulah Campbell, Barbourville Independent Finance Officer.

“To only have one really small comment is a real plus for your finance department.”

Other topics covered at the December meeting were:

Mikela Rhodes and Matthew Dixon spoke of their experiences with the Governor’s Scholars.

The Barbourville Golf Team was recognized for winning the State Championship.