Comfort foods change over the years

Comfort Food. What is comfort food? According to the dictionary, the word comfort has several like meanings: 1. support; 2. consolation in trouble; 3. a feeling of relief or encouragement; 4. a contented feeling; 5. satisfaction or enjoyment.

For many years I would have had a ready answer to the comfort food. It was cornbread and soup beans—that was the most common food on most family tables in the Stinking Creek area. That would be the basic food, which could include a piece of meat, especially in the early winter months after hog killing weather or fresh garden produce in summer.

That made it easy for the cook; there didn’t have to be a lot of decisions for what to have for supper. It just took a pot of beans simmering on the back of the cook stove all day and a pan of cornbread in the oven.

Each cook had his or her own individual way of making the cornbread or biscuits, and additions to the beans made those living in the home feel familiar, bringing a feeling of satisfaction or contentment.

But if you ask me that question today, I would not have a ready answer. Some might say pizza, but even that seems to lack the comfort of beans and cornbread. It seems to lack the feeling of the whole family eating a common food.

Did soup beans and cornbread have a tendency to hold the family together.