Community honors man with memorial garden

A local man is being remembered as dozens work to keep his community garden, something he was very passionate about, alive.

On April 7, Harvey Carter, a Knox County native, passed away from a heart attack just one day after planting a small community garden on Third Street in Barbourville. Mary Carmack, his friend, decided to keep Carter’s memory alive through the garden, rallying other friends and the community’s support to maintain and even expand on it this summer.

“A Friday evening, they [city workers] had come and tilled that up for him. That evening, he planted two rows of onion, two rows of cabbage, lettuce and mustard greens. He had started his garden and then the very next morning, he had a massive heart attack and died. It just killed me,” recalled Carmack, who said Carter kept a Third Street garden for nearly a decade, something he was really proud of.

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