Congressman visits local business

Congressman Harold ‘Hal’ Rogers recently made his way across Southeast Kentucky. Along his trip, he paid a visit to local call center CSRA.

Congressman Rogers spoke to employees of the facility on the impact of keeping jobs in the area.

“The world has drastically changed in the last few years,” said Congressman Rogers to CSRA employees. “In the past, we had to go to Cincinnati to find a job and make something there. But now with the Internet, and the upcoming high-speed, high-capacity cable (the KentuckyWired broadband project) that we’re beginning to build here in East Kentucky, with the advent of that system, it’s going to give you so much more capability to do work here and expand the operation here. The Governor and I are working day and night to build that cable, we hope it will be in place around a year and a half from now, but that will give us capabilities that we’ve never dreamt of before. It will open up the range of what you can and can’t do remotely. But it will give us a chance to hire more good looking people like you to work and stay home and raise your families here and make Barbourville, Knox County and the region a better place to live.”