Corbin Middle principal resigns

Jennifer Parsons
Jennifer Parsons

Corbin Middle School is searching for a new principal after Jennifer Parsons resigned to take a position with the Harlan City School System.

“I needed to try to get back closer to my home with a growing family,” said Parsons when asked why she elected to leave.

Parsons and her husband maintain a home in Harlan and she commutes to Corbin each day.

Parsons, who has worked in the Corbin school system since 2001, was named principal at the middle school in 2013.

Prior to that, she taught science and social studies at the middle school and coached the Corbin High School girls’ basketball team.

“I have been fortunate,” Parsons said of her time in Corbin. “I have been blessed to be working with great teachers, administrators and coaches.”

“I have been part of a middle school that has tested in the top of the state,” she said.

Parsons said one of the lessons she learned at Corbin is what a school system can accomplish when everyone involved is focused on doing what is best for the students.

“Everything revolves around a collaborative effort here and I think that is why Corbin is successful,” Parsons said.

Parsons said the thing she will miss most is the relationships she has developed.

“The community has welcomed me, and I have become a part of it as a teacher, coach and principal,” Parsons said.

Parsons interviewed for the position of Director of District Wide Services for Instruction and Assessment.